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Visitors can add and edit on ZTreeWiki. It is easy. Click on the first Icon (pencil and paper) on the upper right) then click on Wiki Help in the frame below (for syntax).

Don't be shy. If you make a mistake, it is easy to revert to a previous version (of the page). If your contribution is not complete or English is not your first language, other users will polish the page for you. This is what a wiki is all about: collaboration.

Latest news

2008-09-01:: Update to TikiWiki 2.0, changed homepage (cosmectic). - Laurent -
* * *
2008-03-17:: Experimental wishes system using tracking feature. Works but I have few more things to setup before doing conversion. - Laurent -
* * *
2007-02-27:: I changed the file and image galleries system, now both stored in folders. It should be easier to upload medium-sized file now. For larger files, only admin can do it. - Laurent -
* * *
2007-02-22:: I disabled the WikiWords feature. It normally allows any word with MixedCase being recognized as a Wiki page. However, there are too many such words while writing ZTreeWin documentation. From now on, all hyperlinks must be specified explicitly. I also disabled the hotword ZTreeWin. A hotword is a predefined word that is recognized as a prespecified hyperlink. ZTreeWin word appears too often in the Wiki to have so many links to the same site. - Laurent -
* * *
2007-02-13: New graphic homepage and subdivisions. Graphics are not definitive. If you have artistic talents more than I have (that should be quite easy!), you can propose new graphics. - Laurent -
* * *
2007-01-26: ZTreeWiki just moved to its new domain. Transfer of content from former web was quite complicated. Actually, I had to redo everything from scratch. I imported all wiki pages (but not version histories and comments) and took the opportunity to redesign categories, files and images organization. Yet, it's far from being finished and I stay with TiWiki's default menus for the time being. Users from the older website don't have to register again as their account have been moved too. - Laurent -

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